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Super King Size Pocket Sprung Bed Mattress, Mayfair Collection

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Super King Size Pocket Sprung Bed Mattress, Mayfair Collection



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This super king sized bed mattress is part of the superior Mayfair collection from Sloane & Sons. Operating in since 1989, Sloane & Sons have been designing and manufacturing mattresses and cushions within the UK for over 25 years. We pride ourselves on offering exceptionally high quality workmanship, using customer research to discover what people want from their mattresses. We work on the basis of providing top quality, exceptionally comfortable and great value mattresses to suit all needs.

Sloane & Sons have become one of the largest online mattress retailer in the UK, allowing you to buy from us with confidence. If you discover any problems or have any questions when choosing or ordering your new mattress, just drop us an email or pick up the phone, and we will be more than happy to help. It is this high level of customer service and personable buying experience that keeps our customers coming back time and time again when purchasing a new mattress.

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The super king Mayfair pocket sprung mattress boasts a luxurious depth of 28cm. It incorporates 1,200 individually pocketed springs, with quilted memory foam on top of them to offer you the ultimate in comfort. The outer lining is Tencel knitted, providing you with softness and luxury, ensuring a superior night’s sleep. Tencel is a sustainable fabric and one of the most environmentally friendly fabrics on the market. We choose Tencel over other fabrics such as cotton or polyester, due to its advanced characteristics. It is popular for being absorbent, soft, resistant to wrinkles and it has the ability to help you keep cool and fresh in the summer, yet warm and cosy in the winter. The Tencel knitted cover is an anti-perspiring fabric, helping to keep you comfortable and perspiration free, especially during the warm summer nights.

The 1,200 individually pocketed springs in the super king sized bed mattress guarantees you a good night sleep, providing gentle yet supportive pressure against your body as it comes into contact with the mattress. The springs support the areas of your body that need it most, helping you to get a great night sleep and waking up feeling relaxed and refreshed. There is no 'roll together' or 'roll apart' with the mattress when sleeping next to a partner. The springs that are not being laid on are not being compressed, meaning you can sleep comfortably without a heavier partner causing the mattress to drop excessively on their side, or a lighter partner that rolls towards you as the springs are more depressed on your side.

Mayfair mattresses are our high end, luxury mattresses designed with comfort and opulence in mind. Each of the mattresses in the range are expected to last for at least 8-10 years with the correct care and maintenance. The lifespan of the mattress should be supported by regular turning and rotating of it. It has a soft memory foam layer on both sides of the mattress, meaning you can flip it seasonally to maintain its comfort and support.

All of our mattresses are dispatched and delivered to you vacuum packed in a box for ease of transportation and delivery. This ensures the mattress gets to you as compact as possible, reducing transportation costs, and having a smaller impact on the environment due to more mattresses being able to fit in each shipment. It also avoids the bulky and difficult task of taking delivery of the mattress and manoeuvring it through the house and upstairs to the bedroom. Once you have the mattress, do not open the box until you have it in the room in which it is going to be used. Upon delivery of your new mattress, simply take it to the bedroom, remove the box and lay the mattress on the bed. Unwrap the packaging surrounding the mattress, and allow it to return to its true state prior to use. Within a short time, the mattress will straighten out and absorb air from the room, allowing it to reach its maximum size whilst you just wait and look forward to a luxurious sleep.

The super king pocket sprung bed mattress has a firmness rating of 8 / 10. This makes it a relatively firm mattress with orthopaedic spinal support. Mattresses with a firmness rating of 8 are designed to allow the user to feel as though they are floating on the surface of the mattress when they are laying on it. There is little sinkage into the mattress itself, making it ideal for those who prefer an extra level of support when sleeping. It is standard super king dimensions of 183cm x 200cm, and it has a weight of 45kg.


Additional Information

Mattress Size Super King
Mattress Depth 28cm
Mattress Dimensions 183cm x 200cm
Mattress Firmness 8 / 10 ( 1 = Soft - 10 = Firm )
Mattress Type Pocket Sprung
Mattress Care Double Sided
Tick Composition Tencel
Mattress Weight (Kg) 45.0000
Tuft Type Memory Foam Layer
Safety Credentials Conforms to BS 7177: 2008 for Domestic Use (Low Hazard)
Buying Guide

Buying Guide

At Sloane & Sons we understand the importance of a good mattress. At the most fundamental level, a good mattress equals a good sleep, which equals better health. It might sound obvious but you'd be amazed at just how damaging the health effects are of poor sleep. (Don't take our word for it - here's what the NHS has to say.)

Buying a new mattress is a brilliant step towards a great night's sleep. But which mattress should you buy? We want to make sure you make an informed choice, so do please read on. If you still have questions, we would be very happy to speak to you on the phone or via email - don't hesitate to get in touch.

Our primary message is: don't compromise on quality. Being uncompromising doesn't have to cost the earth though - we keep out prices as reasonable as possible but always keep our standards sky high. With our mattresses lasting up to 10 years so, they are a small price to pay for the comfort, relaxation and better health you'll have as a result 365 days a year.

Sloane & Sons specialise in the two most popular type of bed mattress: memory foam and pocket sprung. We know that many retailers, both online and on the high street, offer thousands of choices but there really is no need. It ends up as confusing rather than helpful. We feel that by having a smaller, more focused range of high quality products, this allows you to choose more easily based on things like size, comfort, firmness, price and type of mattress.

Bed Mattress TypeBed Mattress Size (cm)Bed Mattress Size (feet / inches)
Single Width 90cm x Length 190cm Width 3'0" x Length 6'3"
Small Double Width 122cm x Length 190cm Width 4'0" x Length 6'3"
Double Width 135cm x Length 190cm Width 4'6" x Length 6'3"
King Size Width 153cm x Length 200cm Width 5'0" x Length 6'6"
Super King Size Width 183cm x Length 200cm Width 6'0" x Length 6'6"

Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam was developed initially by NASA as a material that would absorb great pressure from astronauts' bodies as they re-entered the earth's atmosphere. Today, this technology makes wonderful mattresses as it can relieve stress and pressure points on your body as you relax into the supple embrace of the memory foam.

  • Memory foam moulds as your body heats up and softens the core around you
  • This allows both support as you lie still but also natural and free movement during sleep
  • Alignments of the spine (horizontally) ensures correct posture
  • Memory foam has hypo-allergenic and anti-microbial properties

Memory foam is ideal for people experiencing joint pain and for people who suffer from allergies. Many people without these issues also enjoy the feeling of warmth, support and comfort that memory foam provides.

Pocket Sprung Mattresses

Pocket sprung mattresses are the most common and popular type of mattress in the marketplace. They differ significantly from cheaper alternatives such as bonnel spring or open sprung bed mattresses, which we believe are less comfortable, less supportive and not as good value for money in the long term.

The reason is that pocket sprung mattresses compartmentalise each individual spring in order to evenly distribute the weight and respond to the different pressure points and weights of your body.

  • Ideal if you and your partner differ in height and weight. They will evenly distribute the pressure within the mattress and prevent you from rolling into one another
  • Sloane and Sons mattresses have approximately 1200 individual pocket springs per mattress that are individually housed and this is the benchmark for high level craftsmanship
  • Each 'pocket' works independently from another, to evenly distribute weight
  • This style of mattress allows a good airflow around the body, keeping your comfortable through the night and refreshed in the morning

All Sloane & Sons mattresses have hand-stitched sides and piped edges that underline the quality of design and craftsmanship.


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08-Oct-2015 Product:

Wow - I have never slept so good! And such good value too. So pleased I found this website. Thanks :-)
05-Oct-2015 Product:

Loving the mattress great quality and the Website is really easy to use!
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