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  • How Often Should You Change Your Bedding?

    With the increasingly busy lifestyles that most of us have these days, we can be guilty of not changing our bedding nearly often enough. As long as our beds are made daily, they can feel somewhat fresh when we get into them at night. Changing the bed linen itself just doesn’t feel as much of a priority.

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  • Foods That Will Improve Your Sleep Quality


    There are many things that can affect how quickly you nod off and how well you rest when you sleep but did you know that your diet can affect your sleep too. We take a look at the best foods that science tell us can help us slip off into the land of nod.

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  • Win £250 To Spend On Our Website!! (Competition)

    Sloane and Sons are launching a competition. To be eligible for a chance to win £250 to spend on any of the products on our website, simply fill out the contact form below and submit your answers. If you are the lucky winner, you can spend this voucher on any of the products in the following categories on our website: Continue reading
  • Improve Your Physical Health with a Better Mattress

    5 Ways a Comfortable and Supportive Mattress Will Make a Difference

    You wouldn’t run a marathon without the right gear and yet, despite spending a third of our lives asleep, we continue to sleep on a substandard mattress which is no good for our bodies, nor for our mental alertness.

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  • Stylish Additions to Make a Bed an Eye-Catching Bedroom Feature

    The bed is the natural focal point of the bedroom, and so it makes sense that everything around matches and supports its design.

    But when a large bed and fluffy pillows don’t seem to have the desired effect, you need to add some well-placed details and accessories to bring the focal point back to the bed.

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  • How to Pick the Right Mattress for the Guest Bedroom

    Surely you don’t need to spend hours choosing a mattress for the guest bedroom. After all, it will only be slept on a handful of nights every year - or will it?

    Whether you have frequent overnight guests or just the occasional visitor, your guest bedroom, its décor and mattress are still important. After all, you want your guests to wake refreshed after a night’s sleep, not full of aches and pains.

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