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How to Choose the Right Style Bed Frame

With so many styles of bed frames available to choose, where do you start when it comes to getting the right one?

It depends on many things – your own likes and dislikes, your budget, the style of your bedroom, and practical considerations such as height of the bed, storage, how much room you have in the bedroom and so on. As you browse through the choices, consider what you need and want.

The Canopy Bedframe

Want to make a statement? Opt for a canopy bedframe. With four large corner posts plus cross rails that hold up a canopy or a curtain, this bedframe certainly makes an impact. Some canopy beds have functioning curtain tracks, meaning that you can draw the curtains around the bed, enabling beautiful swathes of luxurious fabric to billow around the four posts.

The Four-Poster Bedframe

You may see the terms ‘canopy bedframe’ and the ‘four-poster bed’ used interchangeably, but there is a difference between the two. The four-poster bedframe technically doesn’t have the testers – cross rails – between the four posts, and doesn’t have curtains either. The posts in each corner of the bedframe tower above the bed, creating an imposing statement for the bedroom.

Low Post Bedframe

The copy bed or the four-poster is a decadent addition to any bedroom, but if you don’t have the ceiling height (nor the budget) and still want a sense of grandeur about the bedframe, then the low post bed is the ideal choice. It has height but is not overly tall, meaning it won’t swamp the bedroom. It is imposing without being over-the-top, a great choice for the smaller master bedroom.

French Style Bedframe

If you want whimsical, feminine and romantic, look no further than a French-style bedframe. And, as you would expect, there are many different types, all chic and stylish.

  • The cane headboard and footboard is synonymous with the French bedframe style – Keep an eye out in vintage outlets, as well as considering a modern version of this beautiful classic bedframe.
  • Velvet headboard with contoured wooden edges – The basis of the French bedframe style is its soft curves, and when teamed with the luxurious feel of velvet, you get a truly romantic look for the bedroom.
  • White or cream metal bedframe – The French also adopted swirling metal bedframes that are still popular today, and are well work a second look. There are many modern versions around, all of which can add the detail you crave to your boudoir.

Wrought Iron Bedframe

Synonymous with a classic age, there is something very beautiful and very appealing about the dark, moodiness of a black wrought iron bedframe. Again, if you are prepared to shop around and be patient, it is possible to locate an antique wrought iron bedframe. You may need to spend some money restoring it, especially to the springs if you are keeping the spring base.

Brass Bedframe

Similar to its wrought iron cousin, the brass bedframe is a well-known shape and addition to many a bedroom. There are modern versions available, as well as antique brass bedframes. A beautiful piece, it is timelessly elegant, as it simply invites you to touch its cool, elegant frame.

The Sleigh Bed

Similar to the low post bedframe, the sleigh bed is usually made from wood and offers a large head and footboard. It is an iconic shape that oozes elegance and decadence, as well as being appealing and cosy. But like the larger bedframes we have talked about, the sleigh bed works well in a room that has the space to accommodate its rather chunky dimensions. The larger the room, the better this bedframe looks, but if you have always wanted one, there is nothing stopping you.

The Upholstered Bedframe

The upholstered headboard was, at one time considered an old-fashioned type of bedframe, especially when teamed with a divan base. But times and attitudes have changed, and the oversize upholstered headboard is back, making this one of the most popular bedframes to buy today. The good news is that there are all kinds of colours and styles to choose from, with hundreds likely within your budget. If you have the time and the inclination, you can create your very own bespoke headboard – you just need some basic tools, a large piece of MDF and some plush material.

As well as upholstered headboards, we have seen an increase in do-it-yourself and truly creative headboards that really make your bedframe stand out – like this carved option. Use a large piece of reclaimed wood and carve to your heart’s content.

The Platform Bedframe

Not everyone wants a large bedframe, and for some bedrooms and styles – like the minimalist appeal – the bedframe needs to be as far from imposing as possible. The platform bedframe, with its sparse detail and often low height, is the ideal solution. Again, there are literally hundreds of platforms bedframes to choose from. Coming in all sizes, colours and materials, there are some incredible examples of platform beds, from the decadence of leather to the Scandinavian inspired wooden platform beds.

Storage Bedframe

Also known as a divan, this is a high bedframe that has little detailing in some cases (unless you add a headboard) but has oodles of useful and practical storage space under the bed. This is accessed by pulling out the drawers or lifting up the sprung-levered mattress, and is a great solution if you are stuck for storage space.


And finally, no guide to bedframe styles would be complete without mention of the daybed. Perfect for doubling as a seating area during the day, the daybed is ideal for the occasional guest but best of all, for a daytime power nap.

With any frame you need to make sure you have the right mattress to get the most from its features. That means choosing one that supports your spine in all the right places.