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Two in a Bed? Choosing a Mattress for a Couple

Couples Mattress Hundreds of thousands of people are married each year in the UK. Add this to the number of couples who are already wed or not married, assuming each couple shares a bed, there’s a lot of shared sleeping arrangements. So how do you choose the best couples mattress? When it’s time to go out and get a brand new one, you’ll want to be sure that you’re both benefiting from your new sleeping surface.

Choosing your Couples Mattress - Talk It Out?

It may sound obvious, or even slightly silly to some but having a conversation about what each of you need from your mattress can stand you in very good stead further down the line. Perhaps there’s something that was bothering about your old mattress that you don’t want repeated or you loved the old mattress and want exactly the same. Either way, it’s better to figure it out before you buy a new one.

Consider the Different Types

There’s a great selection of mattresses available out there. Understanding the different types and how they may be suited (or unsuited) to your situations can really help you make the right choice. The better suited couples mattress for two people are pocket sprung and memory foam mattresses. Pocket sprung mattresses have many individual pocket springs working independently of each other. Weight is distributed evenly across the mattress resulting in any movement from either of you being accommodated for and not disturbing your partner. Memory foam mattresses react to the body and support both of you with your sleeping habits. Again, any fidgeting or moving will not be noticed by your partner.

Do You Need to Upsize?

As sentimental and loving as sharing a bed with a loved one is, sometimes it can be simply annoying. Legs and arms sprawled everywhere or creeping over into the other’s “side” of the bed can cause many arguments. Consider whether you need to get a bigger mattress this time around. Double mattresses reign supreme as far as sales are concerned but that doesn’t mean you have to stick with one. With king and super king size options, you can be sure that you’ll both have plenty of room at night. Pocket sprung and memory foam mattresses are available in these bigger sizes too meaning you can combine the two to give you the perfect solution.

Is One of You Going to Have to Compromise?

Compromises have to be made sometimes. Maybe one of you champions pocket springs and the other hates the thought of it. Perhaps you want a super king size but your partner is happy with a double. Iron out everything to ensure that there are no surprises or mind changes on buying day. There are a lot of options to consider, especially as a couple. Different sizes, pocket sprung or memory foam mattresses will all be in your mind at one point or another. Knowing which is best from the off can result in much better sleep, now and in the future.