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Sloane & Sons Partnership with End Youth Homelessness

End Youth Homelessness Tuesday marked the 1st day of National Bed Month, a month long campaign to raise awareness about the importance of getting enough sleep. The campaign ensures you are making the most of your sleep, keeping you rested, relaxed and most importantly, healthy.

Youth Homelessness

Often taken for granted, a bed is an everyday essential. Not everyone in the UK is fortunate enough to own a bed sadly. Sloane & Sons are raising awareness of the importance of sleep and helping to raise funds for the charity End Youth Homelessness, during March. 78,000 – 80,000 of young people experience homelessness per year in the UK. Research conducted in 2013/14 by the charity Centrepoint and the University of York discovered this. Latest research by Centrepoint shows this has risen to 83,000. Sloane & Sons believes this is unacceptable, so we have pledged to donate 5% of all our sales during March to End Youth Homelessness. EYH, a partnership of charities headed up by Centerpoint helps with the housing, health and education of young people. This is for young people who find themselves homeless in the United Kingdom. Many young people have experienced abuse or neglect (75%) when they first arrive at Centrepoint. 20% have been in care or suffer from a mental health problem (42%). If you need a new mattress and to help End Youth Homelessness, just process your order via the online checkout. At the end of March, we will donate 5% of all transactions to the charity. We will be on hand to offer our usual expert advice on the best mattress for you, be it a quality memory foam mattress for the spare room or a luxury pocket sprung affair for you and your significant other, however this month you’ll also be giving much needed help to young people across the UK by choosing Sloane & Sons. Donate direct to End Youth Homelessness here.