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Get Set for National Bed Month

National Bed Month March signals the start of National Bed Month, The Sleep Council’s annual sleep awareness campaign with the aim of reminding us of the significance of sleeping well. According to research carried out by The Sleep Council, over a fifth of us are tucking into poor quality sleep and just 10% of us climb into bed between 9 and 10 at night. March and National Bed Month is the perfect time to re-evaluate your sleeping arrangements and ensure that you’re getting a good night’s sleep whether you’re got single, double, memory foam or pocket sprung mattresses in your home.

National Bed Month - Size Matters

One of the most common nuisances when trying to sleep is having somebody next to you who constantly wakes or disturbs you. Of course, they’re not doing this on purpose but your tired, grumpy mood won’t accept that. A larger bed that can easily accommodate for the both of you without you or your partner constantly striking each other will present a better option than waking umpteen times throughout the night.

Don’t Gamble on Inferior Quality

As tempting as it may be, super low, discounted memory foam and pocket sprung mattresses are probably a lower quality than more expensive ones. Don’t forget, 33% of your time from the moment you buy your mattress is going to be spent on it, so an inferior product may bite you three years down the line when you need to replace it. If price is something that it holding you back, a luxury mattress doesn’t mean you have to pay ridiculous costs. If you work out the long-time cost, assuming your bed will effectively be protected for seven years, you could be looking at paying between 1 and 10 pence a night. A much more enticing figure than worrying about the upfront cost.

Get the Right Type of Mattress

Memory foam and pocket sprung mattresses vary in what they deliver. Both can represent value for money, comfort and longevity. Memory foam has been recognised for its assistance in helping with common injuries such as neck and back pain. Many people suffering from such conditions will proclaim that it works wonders. It adapts to the person using it and adjusts its shape and contours to suit. Pocket sprung mattresses are very supportive. Each individual pockets adjust independently to provide the perfect sleeping surface. They evenly distribute weight meaning that sleeping next to somebody who is significantly lighter or heavier is no problem.

Check Your Mattress

Like all things, time takes its toll on mattresses. Natural wear and tear is the downfall of many a household item. Even if you look after yours with undeniable care, you’re going to have to replace it at some point. Even if your bed is showing no obvious signs of needing to be replaced. If you’ve had it seven or eight years, it is best to get a new one. The quality and integrity of the mattress will have had a long time’s service. It's ultimately not going to offer you as much support as it did before.

Time to Sleep

With the right bed setup, you will be ready to face the world after the ideal slumber. Take advantage of National Bed Month and wake up fresh and ready for the days, weeks and months ahead.