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Improve Your Physical Health with a Better Mattress

5 Ways a Comfortable and Supportive Mattress Will Make a Difference

You wouldn’t run a marathon without the right gear and yet, despite spending a third of our lives asleep, we continue to sleep on a substandard mattress which is no good for our bodies, nor for our mental alertness.

World Physical Therapy Day on 8th September is all about raising awareness of the importance of keeping mobile and independent. As well as celebrating the work of physical therapists around the world, it is a timely reminder of the importance of staying strong and supple. But did you know that your mattress could be contributing to some physical difficulties? And then there is the importance of sleep of our day-to-day emotional health and resilience too.

What We Already Know

The thing is, we are not telling you something that you don’t already know. You know that a mattress that is supportive and comfortable is essential for you to get a great night’s sleep – in fact, more than 92% of us, according to a study by the National Sleep Foundation, are aware of the need and importance of a supportive mattress.

And yet, the majority of us still continue to sleep on a mattress that is old or no longer offering the support that we need. In recent times, it is probably lack of finances that have contributed to people not renewing their mattress when they should but, continually sleeping on a mattress that is no longer supportive could be exacerbating current medical problems. The time had come to invest in a new mattress and feel the benefits.

But how will a new mattress make a difference?

#1 Reduce Stress

Irritable? Nervous? Headaches? Tremble and generally feel anxious? As well as being signs of a stressful situation, these symptoms could also be a sign of poor quality sleep.

In a small study, 59 healthy men and women slept for 28 consecutive nights on a new, medium-firm mattress, not dissimilar to memory foam mattresses, and found that their stress levels, including worrying, trembling, being nervous and so reduce considerably. The study found that there was a direct correlation between a new supportive mattress, a quality night’s sleep and stress levels.

Feeling a little stressed? Is your mattress contributing to feeling stressed and overwrought? If so, contact the team for a great deal on memory foam mattresses.

#2 Reduce Allergies

Wake up and promptly start sneezing? Have itchy eyes or skin? Did you know there are millions of microscopic creatures, known as dust mites, that love feasting on dust and bits of your dead skin?

Not a pleasant thought but even the cleanest homes will have dust mites and these unseen, microscopic critters could be the very things that are responsible for your morning sneezing fits, runny nose and itchy skin.

No matter how often you vacuum your mattress, an old mattress will have zillions of bugs in it and thus, a new mattress could be the thing you need to help out with your allergies.

#3 Supports the Skeleton

As well as all your joints, the mattress is essential for making sure the spine is supported. But here’s the thing: you don’t want a mattress that forces your spine ram-rod straight s actually, this is the worse position for your spine to be in.

The spine has three gentle curves at the neck, the middle and the base of your spine and your mattress should be supporting these curves. An old mattress or one that is too soft will not be supporting the spine adequately hence you wake with aches and pains, or worse still, your bad back is a continuous daily feature.

Memory foam mattresses are the best mattresses for supporting the spine in all the right places.

#4 Stops Headaches

Headaches are your body’s well of telling you that all is not well. But this is nothing to panic about as most headaches are a sign of small, but important things being out of balance;

  • Dehydrated – the first sign of dehydration is a dull, throbbing headache.
  • Lack of sleep – a painful headache can be your body’s way of asking for more sleep.

The time of the day that a headache starts is also indicative of what could be causing it. For example, waking with a headache could mean that the mattress is not supporting your neck and back as it should. Along with incorrect pillows, your headache could be as a result of your mattress not supporting the gentle curve of your neck, leading to you waking with a headache.

If it passes by the time you have had your morning shower, you know that your mattress needs to be renewed.

#5 Helps Better Sleep and Mood

It would be great if got a good night’s sleep every time our head hit the pillow but the truth is, this doesn’t always happen.

Disturbed sleep happens for many reasons – being stressed or anxious, eating the wrong kind of food, indigestion, being too hot… the list could go on – and the occasional bad night’s sleep is nothing necessarily anything to worry about.

But when it keeps happening, night after night, it becomes frustrating. You become more and more exhausted as the days and weeks go on and your mood suffers. Being irritable is a sign of poor sleep, along with inferior quality sleep and restlessness.

As well as being symptomatic of other health conditions – pop along to see your doctor if it keeps happening – the solution may be staring you in the face: your mattress is too old and no longer able to offer you the support you need when you rest and sleep.

Thus, if you find yourself tossing and turning before you finally nod off to sleep only to find that you don’t wake to feel refreshed, you know it is time to act.

Your mattress is more important than you think and as soon as you spend a night on your new mattress, you will wonder why you didn’t buy a new one sooner…