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5 Tips to Keep Your Bed Mattress Clean

Cleaning Mattresses A third of our lives is spent in bed and whether crowded with pillows or limited by space our mattresses deserve proper care. A good night's sleep starts with a clean mattress. Where does yours rank? So, back to our point of spending 1/3 of our entire life lying on a mattress – you'd think this would be at the top of our list for cleaning duties... but let's be honest, we rarely think about cleaning our mattress. Most of us don't enjoy changing our bed sheets and once you pull off those sheets, you’re left with a mattress that can harbor dust mites, spills, stains and dirt (and much worse). So maintaining a clean mattress is important for many reasons, not the least of which is the fact you sleep with only a sheet separating you every night. It can’t fit in your washing machine so what are you to do?

Suck it Up   

As strange as that sounds, vacuuming your bed mattress is an effective and important step to cleaning it. Take off your bed sheets and duvets and treat your mattress to a hoover just as you would your floors. Make sure you are using a clean attachment! Any food crumbs or bits (Yes we are guilty for eating in bed) that you have managed to bring into bed with you will cave in to the vacuum and leave you with a dirt free mattress. Giving your mattress a quick hoover can also help reduce the spread of skin flakes and dust mites. If you're the proud owner of a memory foam mattress, you'll be delighted to know they are less allowing of mites, but still deserve a vacuum.

Clean those Stains

With the vacuuming done, it’s time to bite the bullet and target those stains you've noticed for a while now. Depending on what you're dealing with means you'll have plenty different ways to tackle stains. Blood, food and sweat are the most common stains and are essentially protein based. If you've been putting this off or have just got around to cleaning your mattress, these stains may be aged and harder to shift. Just to make this seasonal task that little bit more difficult, there’s a chance your stains have boned with your mattress fabric. If a stains have occurred over time, use an upholstery shampoo as instructed to remove it. Rub the stained area gently with the shampoo, using a soft brush or sponge. Make sure not to wet the mattress padding beneath! Don't forget to leave your mattress exposed until dry before replacing your bedding. There are many cleaning products available online and in the supermarket, all designed for fabric surfaces like your bed mattress. We recommend a nontoxic and natural cleaner for the best results.

Keep Cool with Spring Cleaning

Dust mites grow best in warm and humid weather, so take advantage of spring to clean your bedroom. Keep household temperatures lower in the bedroom to aid the removal of mites who've been hibernating in the Winter, before they can thrive in the Spring. Wash as much of your bedding as you can in hot water, over 130 degrees Fahrenheit. If you are really concerned about dust mites in your mattress, consider washing your bedding once a week.

Don't Forget to Spin and Flip

Rotate your mattress from top to bottom when the seasons change. The best practice of this is to revolve the part of the mattress nearest the headboard toward the foot of the bed. Easy! Rotating your mattress helps prevent the formation of sleeping indents, caused by sleeping in the same spot every night. Most mattresses should be flipped as well when the seasons change. Most mattresses wear more evenly when they are flipped over to the top of the bed as well as the rotation.

Use Protection

Sweet dreams are the ambition, but accidents do happen. Protect mattresses from mess with mattress protectors. Your mattress can really benefit from a cover or protector. They act as vital protection against dirt, spills and stains. An added bonus if you want to keep your mattress fresh for longer and fight off bacteria. Protectors are completely washing machine friendly which saves you time and effort.

Here at Sloane & Sons we also believe it is important to understand when it’s simply time for a new mattress. Many people look to invest in a mattress topper, but the foundation is so much more important. There’s no point trying to revive something that is past the point of no return.