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Memory Foam Mattresses Explained

Memory Foam Mattress If you've had a memory foam mattress and are looking for another, then you'll know exactly what they're all about and the enormous benefits they can bring. If you're curious as to what they are all about, let us explain.

A memory foam mattress responds uniquely to the contours of your body, moulding into its shape and consequently providing unrivaled support.

You will find your most comfortable position and it will support you there, reducing pressure on your body and giving you intense relaxation.

People sleeping on memory foam mattresses tend to move less in bed at night because they are more comfortable but of course if you do move, then the memory foam will reform and quickly support you in your new position.

An added feature of a Sloane & Sons memory foam mattress is the use of aloe vera in the mattress fabric. Aloe vera's healing, soothing and rejuvenating properties make it the ideal little extra to make your night's sleep even more refreshing time after time.

The unique properties of our memory foam mattress are a result of the layer of temperature-sensitive viscoelastic material.

The depth of this material differs from mattress to mattress, as you will see from our Wimbledon, Twickenham and Richmond ranges.

The basic principle is: the deeper the memory foam, the more luxurious the mattress.

Sloane & Sons uses only higher-density memory foam, which is the most temperature sensitive and the most adaptable to your body.

The temperature sensitivity means you will melt luxuriously and cosily into the mattress because the foam under your body becomes softer while the surrounding foam stays firmer.

This results in great support and a reassuring contouring of the mattress to the body.

Firmness is measured by a foam's Indentation Force Deflection (IFD) rating, with the rating for Sloane & Sons' memory foam mattresses being firm.

After testing and research, we believe this is by far the most comfortable and beneficial option, and the most popular with users.

Apart from all the benefits described above, memory foam has hypo-allergenic and anti-microbial properties.

It also has the added advantage of not only supporting sensitive backs and bodies in general but also reducing sleep disruption when you share your bed with a partner as each of you will create your own supportive, moulded shape and will not interrupt the other's sleep by moving.

Thanks to its NASA heritage (memory foam was developed initially by NASA as a material that would absorb great pressure from astronauts' bodies as they re-entered the earth's atmosphere), memory foam was initially very expensive in its early years of manufacturing but following years of technological advance, memory foam mattresses have become much more affordable.

Now you are able to enjoy the feeling of warmth, support and comfort that a Sloane & Sons memory foam mattress brings, so you can look forward to a restful night, every night.

For your ease, when your mattress is delivered, it will be vacuum-packed and boxed. Our advice would be to take it directly to your bedroom prior to opening the box as it is much easier for you to transport in this form. Once you open the packaging, it will expand and be ready for use in seconds.