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My First Time – by Ed Sloane

As the winter months descend on us once again the sun vanishing at 16:30 and re-appearing (all be it briefly at 08:00) many people wish they could go into hibernation for the next 4-5 months. With this in mind many people’s attention turns to sleep and ensuring that they can maximise their 6-8 hours a night knowing that if they don’t the temptation to turn over when the alarm goes off for work and its pitch black outside can (for some) be too much! bm-blog-post1-img1 Having had our own mattress for 8 years now, Mrs Sloane and I felt that as 'winter is coming' (sorry) it was necessary to take our own advise and look to get a new mattress for our bedroom. With two young children who have a tendency to require stories both at night and morning (in the confines of OUR bed) we have decided to upsize to a king size bed and therefore require the matching mattress. We have opted this time to go for a memory foam mattress from our Twickenham collection because of its medium firmness (I would say about a 7.5) and that we are not required to flip it every year or so to get ‘even usage’. Having not slept at length on a memory foam mattress before I was slightly concerned that once warm they allow you to sink into them and heat the body too much. Being the scrooge that I am I ensure that our central heating remains firmly off at least until mid-November but I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised that after a couple of nights both Mrs S and I both feel relaxed, not too hot and certainly not claustrophobic in the slightest. What has also been apparent is that my old war wounds from 25 years playing cricket, football and hockey seem to have eased somewhat. My quarterly visit to the chiropractor may be a thing of the past as my back (lower especially) seem freer and much calmer. What I mean by calmer is that I have been historically forever trying to re-align, stretch and twist into a more comfortable position while in bed but also during the day, while at work or in the car even. Perhaps the memory foam keeps me stiller while in bed and also adapt to the contours of my body more than my old mattress, the proof will be in six months time once I have had more time to use and adjust to the new mattress. As Christmas approaches Mrs S will no doubt inform me that the Outlaws (you know who I mean) will be coming over to stay for a few days so that my father in law and I can make the pilgrimage to our local and have a few drinks. But more importantly our attention turns to our newly decorated spare room and the question, do we replace the old (even ancient) mattress with a memory foam one? The honest answer is yes. If it prevents my father in law from snoring and rolling into my mother in law at the same time you could say her prayers have been answered. It may also mean that I don’t have to buy her a Christmas present as a new memory foam mattress in the spare room has already done the trick!