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How to Pick the Right Mattress for the Guest Bedroom

Surely you don’t need to spend hours choosing a mattress for the guest bedroom. After all, it will only be slept on a handful of nights every year - or will it?

Whether you have frequent overnight guests or just the occasional visitor, your guest bedroom, its décor and mattress are still important. After all, you want your guests to wake refreshed after a night’s sleep, not full of aches and pains.

But how do you choose a mattress when you don’t know who will sleep on it, or what their preferences are? There is a way to choose a fantastic mattress.

I.Mattress Type

First on our list is getting familiar with the various types of mattresses available on today’s market. Choice is a great thing, but it can also be confusing!

Gone are the days when a mattress was a few springs stuffed with straw and encased in fabric. There are now many mattress types from which you can choose.

As well as personal preference and budget, there are a few things you need to know about mattress types:

  • Memory foam –NASA created memory foam as part of their space program, as they were looking for materials that were useful on space missions. With this material offering the ability to support and envelop the body, it was soon realised that memory foam had domestic applications for the home.Thus, the ‘space-age’ memory foam mattress was born. If you want your guests to have the feeling of sinking blissfully into bed, then memory foam is the right choice.
  • Sprung mattresses – These are possibly the closest you will get to the mattress of eras gone by. This is the kind of mattress that supports your weight during sleep with a series of coiled springs beneath the top padded layer of the mattress.

But beware - not all sprung mattresses are created equal. Open coiled mattresses are all well and good, but over time the coils will move and the level of support will decrease. A pocket sprung mattress features each coil encased in its own fabric pocket. This means the coils stay where they need to, offering the support that the sleeper needs.

These two mattress types are possibly the most popular, as they offer a comfortable sleeping platform at a great price. Available in a range of sizes, they offer just the right level of firmness.

A note on firmness

We often buy mattresses based on the level of support they offered the user, e.g. firm, medium or soft. It might be hard to predict your guests’ personal preferences, and so it could be hard to buy a mattress that suits everyone who stays in your guest bedroom. A well-made mattress will give the sleeper all the support needed, but if you want to add a note of luxury, a mattress topper can be the ideal addition to your guest bed.


Another important mattress consider is size. In most cases, choosing the mattress first and then the bed frame second is the better way of doing things, but there are times when you need to replace the mattress but not the bed frame itself.

There are a range of mattress sizes available, and so there is bound to be something that suits an existing bed frame and/or the size of the room.

From single to super king, make your choice based on the size you need. That said, have you considered a small double bed for your guest bedroom?

Small double mattresses are the perfect solutions for guest bedrooms for many reasons. For the single sleeper, they offer an extra expanse of room, and for co-sleepers they offer enough space without the wasted space of a full king or super king sized bed.

Available in both memory foam and pocket sprung, small double mattresses are the preferred choice of many because of the versatility they offer for your overnight guests.


There is no denying that the infrequent use of the guest room is why so many people are reluctant to spend hundreds and hundreds of pounds on this mattress.

But don’t let this put you off – after all, the mattress still needs to offer comfort and support. It also needs to be easy to keep clean – why not consider a hypoallergenic material?

However, spending thousands on a mattress that will hardly be used is not pragmatic but you need to bear in mind who will be sleeping on it. For example, will it be mainly adult friends or will you have child guests too?

Memory foam small double mattresses are versatile mattresses that support both adults and children. Capable of moulding to fit the sleeper, memory foam is great for occasional guests as well as for friends and family who stay for longer.


The idea behind any guest bedroom is that it should offer comfort to your overnight guests. You want them to stay again, and you want them to wake refreshed and ache-free.

The best way to pick a mattress for the guest bedroom is the same as if you were choosing one for the master bedroom: you need to try it. Lie on it for a moment or two and assess the comfort level. Did you feel supported?


As with most things in life, the budget holds the answer to everything! Fortunately, there are always deals and offers to be had on all kinds of mattresses, from single memory foam models to pocket sprung small double mattresses and beyond.

You don’t need to spend thousands on a mattress for any room, as the manufacturing and materials used in mattresses have improved in recent years.

Set yourself a realistic budget for the guest mattress and it will last for years and years, giving your guests the ideal sleeping experience the next time they stay the night.