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Stylish Additions to Make a Bed an Eye-Catching Bedroom Feature

The bed is the natural focal point of the bedroom, and so it makes sense that everything around matches and supports its design.

But when a large bed and fluffy pillows don’t seem to have the desired effect, you need to add some well-placed details and accessories to bring the focal point back to the bed.

But how?

Add a Canopy

If you really want to make a statement, adding a canopy is a fantastic way to add romance to your master bedroom. Flowing voile is placed over the head of the bed, adding a stylish note to the space.

Not just for four-poster beds, a canopy works well in any bedroom, regardless of style. You can create your own – just take a look at the hundreds of DIY ideas online – or opt for a professionally made and installed version.

Create a Stunning Feature Wall at the Head of the Bed

To make your bed stand out, utilise the wall at the head of the bed as a stunning canvas.>/p>

How you choose to do this is up to you, but we have come across some amazing ideas:

  • Colour
A block of colour gives a dramatic appeal to any room. When you want your bed to stand out, drawing the eye to the wall behind is a great interior design trick. Be as dramatic as you dare with a midnight navy blue or black feature wall. If you prefer lighter shades, stick to neutral tones with a hint of colour. After all, grey is the new beige, or you can opt for a sweet, barely-there pastel pink for a more feminine touch. This single bed stands out from the lightly patterned, neutral décor with by the mustard yellow complementing the brown leather bed frame perfectly.

  • Pattern
Wallpaper is ideal for attracting attention to the right place (and hiding a myriad of sins). It adds warmth and texture to a room and for your bed, and it is a designer’s key tool for adding extra depth to the bed as the focal point. But grabbing attention doesn’t always mean bright, gregarious colours or patterns. There has recently been an upsurge in the use of nature inspired wallpaper – think big, leafy patterns with a hint of the tropics. For a completely opposite look in a modern master bedroom, geometric patterns are a firm favourite. If you like the idea of wallpaper but not the patterns, then choose a plain, block colour wallpaper, or even something sprinkled with gems for a hint of something different.

  • Fabric
You don’t have to rely on a pop of colour alone to add depth, texture and drama. Fabric is great for adding all three of these essential elements to your bedroom. When it comes to making your bed the undisputed focal point of the master bedroom, fabric is your best choice. From hanging large rugs on the wall behind the bed to creating stunning effects with voile panels and lighter materials, there are many creative ways you can use fabric. For cohesion in the design, make sure the fabric works with the rest of the room in terms of colour and design.

  • Artwork
Consider stunning canvas prints or bespoke artwork - the range of prints and art for your bedroom rooms has never been so vast. Choose a piece that sits well with the rest of your décor and keep the remainder of the wall behind the bed completely free from clutter. Minimise clutter on bedside tables so that the artwork attracts attention and the eye can drop to the sumptuous bed beneath.

The Headboard

Most designers would describe the headboard of a bed as the finishing touch. Some people live without them, while others find this the detail that their bedroom needs to look complete.

However, it is a detail that you need to get right. Get it right and the bed looks stunning, but if you choose the wrong design you can really destroy the calming feel of your bedroom. The current trend in headboards is ‘the bigger the better’. Opt for a large headboard made of fabric with the same-coloured fabric buttons as an exquisite detail.

Again, your fabric choices can make the headboard something extraordinary. The must-have fabric is crushed velvet. Crushed velvet is smooth, soft and warm to touch, ideal for the bedroom.

Or you can always opt for the rustic look. From using old doors to upcycling hardwood fence stakes, there are myriad make-your-own headboard ideas out there, all of which you can make yourself with just a scant knowledge of DIY and some basic tools.

The headboard might be the talking point, but the bed needs to hold its own, and that’s why you need to dress the bed.

Dress the Bed

Emphasising the bed is what cements its place as the focal point for the master bedroom. As well as the items that surround it, there is no doubt that the bed itself plays a part. Your bed linen and the ways that you dress your bed are the elements that can pack the biggest punch.

  • Bed linen
The quality of your bed linen is important. The better the ‘thread count’, the better the bed linen will wash and the better it will look. Even though your budget may be tight, buying better quality duvets, pillows, duvet covers and pillowcases will pay in the long run. Keep bed linen plain in colour and pattern. It is hard to imagine that plain and neutral coloured bed linen could attract attention but it does. Just imagine the pristine brightness of white bed linen or the welcoming warmth of beige or cream.

  • Bed dressing
Now you have the bed linen, the final stage is to dress the bed with pillows, cushions, and throws. The bed below looks sumptuous and welcoming. The bed chamber decked in gold oozes sophistication and a sense of the regal, but it is the over-sized cushions that give the bed its definition as the focal point in the room. Couldn’t you just sink into it…?

A stylish master bedroom, complete with a sumptuous bed is the ideal environment for a long, restful night’s sleep. How will you dress your bedroom?