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What is Tencel used for?


What is Tencel used for and why is it so good I hear you say?

Regenerated from wood cellulose, Tencel is a sustainable fabric. It is therefore one of the most environmentally friendly materials as it grows naturally. No pesticides or manipulation in the ‘growth’ process are used. This is because unlike bamboo and rayon, Tencel is obtained from eucalyptus trees As a result it has earned Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification as the fibre itself comes from a socially and environmentally responsibly source. Traditional fibres like rayon still require chemical processes for production that impacts on air pollution and also water emission. Unpleasant odours and side effects can be caused becuase Catalysts are used in the manufacturing. Tencel is produced naturally without the need of the above, and does not require any of these processes in production. This fabric carries the Oeko Tex 100 certification, an international standard developed in 1992 to certify that it contains no harmful substances. European Community Eco-label awarded Tencel flower for products and services with reduced environmental impacts. We insist that Tencel (as a thread) is used in the manufacture of all our pocket sprung mattresses here at Sloane & Sons. The thread is woven into yarns and used in the sewing for the production of our mattresses. The main reason being that it is soft, very absorbent when wet and resistant to wrinkles (also draping well). The unique properties can enhance more traditional yarns such as cotton and wool thus making a superior mattress and product. For more information please contact us on: 01283 576813 or info@bedmattress.co.uk