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How To Wake Up Without An Alarm Clock

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How To Wake Up Without An Alarm Clock - 4 Steps

Whether you’re a night owl or an early bird, many of us rely on our alarm clocks to wake up in the morning. If you were not aware currently your body contains a system of biological clocks to assist you waking up without the use of an alarm. Increasing awareness of our circadian rhythms and adapting our sleep pattern will help us achieve a better sleep and improve your overall health.

Step 1 - Being Outdoors

Circadian rhythms are self started by your exposure to daylight and darkness. We associate light with certain times of day and many people find themselves not being exposed to an efficient amount of light due to early or late working hours. Especially during the darker winter months. Lack of exposure to daylight can disrupt your body's instinctive rhythm for sleep. If you leave early in the morning and return home in the dark, a walk outside during the day is highly recommended. If you can’t fit in a walk during the day, try to sit near a bright window.

Step 2 - Sleeping Environment

Establishing a sleep pattern is very important for your sleep health. Many people claim to wake up minutes before their alarm goes off, resulting in waking up without an alarm on a more regular basis. Arranging where you sleep in your bedroom is a huge step to factor in this process. Sleeping with your curtains or blind slightly open assists your body with adjusting to the daylight. Many of us opt for a black out blinds or curtains, so we recommend having one or the other. Sleeping near a window can be very beneficial, allowing natural morning light to shine through. Ensuring sunlight does shine onto your bed will help with the waking up process. For those of us that have to get up before the sun rises, try putting lights on as soon as you wake up.

Step 3 - Exercise

If you are struggling with insomnia or other sleep disorders regular exercise can improve the quality of your sleep. You should aim for 20-30 minutes of exercise each day. Exercise includes activities such as going for a walk, running, swimming or sporting activities. I'm sure we all know that the more we exercise, the more tired we become. Not only does exercise kick in the fatigue, it can also help tire out the mind. Starting a regular exercise routine can aid the sleep process, and allow your body to shut down easier when it is time to enter the land of nod.

Step 4 - Type of Mattress

Many people struggle attaining a good rest at night. The key to being able to sleep well at night is your mattress. Today’s market means your choice won't be easy, with many mattress retailers only manufacturing one type of mattress. Ultimately, buying the incorrect type of mattress can seriously affect your sleep pattern. Sleeping alignment, temperature and comfort are all factors in achieving an ideal sleep pattern. Make sure you select the right mattress when purchasing. With all types of mattresses out there on the market, make sure you select the right one!