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Double Pocket Sprung Mattresses


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Double Pocket Sprung Mattresses

Pocket sprung mattresses might be the most common type of mattress but there's nothing common about a double pocket sprung mattress from Sloane & Sons. These mattresses are well-structured and supportive, with the many pocket springs allowing your body weight to be evenly distributed, which reduces pressure on your body.

One of the advantages of our double pocket sprung mattresses is that the high individual spring content means your movement in bed will not disturb your partner, even if you are different weights and heights.

The Tencel fabric which covers the mattress makes for a satisfyingly soft and smooth surface, as well as providing strength and resilience for greater longevity.

Pocket sprung mattresses are outstanding for regulating body temperature and keeping you comfortable through the night. Allied to the way the individual springs allow the mattress to follow the natural shape of your body, it all adds up to an untroubled and soothing night's sleep.