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King Size Pocket Sprung Mattresses


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King Size Pocket Sprung Mattresses

Pocket sprung mattresses might be the most common type of mattress but there's nothing common about a king size pocket sprung mattress from Sloane & Sons. These mattresses are well-structured and supportive, with the many pocket springs allowing your body weight to be evenly distributed, which reduces pressure on your body.

A king size bed allows you plenty of space to move around for maximum comfort and one of the advantages of our king size pocket sprung mattresses is that the high individual spring content means your movement in bed will not disturb your partner, even if you are different weights and heights.

The Tencel fabric which covers the mattress makes for a satisfyingly soft and smooth surface, as well as providing strength and resilience for greater longevity. Pocket sprung mattresses are outstanding for regulating body temperature and keeping you comfortable through the night. Allied to the way the individual springs allow the mattress to follow the natural shape of your body, it all adds up to an untroubled and soothing night's sleep.

Although we spend a third of our lives stretched out across a mattress as we rest through the night, normally we only think of how crucial their supportive role is when something is not quite right and our sleep is disturbed. When was the last time you heard someone praise their mattress for giving them a restful night of restoring sleep and allowing their body and mind to recuperate between busy days? If they are mentioned at all, it is because someone's search for a perfect night has been frustrated by a sub-standard or aged mattress. While most people barely give a second's thought to the importance of having a good quality surface to sleep upon; here at Sloane & Sons we think of little else and that is how we help ensure our customers can be assured of a perfect sleep. Using the decades of experience amassed since Gerry Sloane set up the firm last century, we have designed a range of mattresses to suit every customer but, unlike many firms, the capabilities of our range go far beyond simply altering the dimensions of mattress available to fit different sizes of bed.

Top of the range for many is our Pocket Sprung mattress, which offers the individual support needed for a perfect and restful night of sleep whatever the size of the person slumbering above. This is achieved through the creation of a matt of gentle springs, each in its own compartment to support a different part of the sleeper's body. Another advantage of this unseen structure of independently arranged springs is that these Pocket Sprung mattresses can offer each sleeper the perfect level of support for every part of their body even if they share a bed with someone of a different size or weight.

To add to the comfort offered, this platform of undulating springs is topped by a smooth covering of Tencel, an innovative biological fabric which absorbs and disperses perspiration while inhibiting the growth of bacteria which can cause odours. This Tercel layer also adds to the durability and longevity of the mattress, meaning those who invest in a new Sloane & Sons mattress will have many more years when they have no need to think of exactly the reasons behind their restorative sleep each night.

At 153cm (just longer than five feet) across its width and with a length of 200cm (six and a half feet) and with a reassuring depth of 24cm (almost 10 inches) for the Knightsbridge mattress or 28cm (nearly a whole foot) for those who buy the Mayfair mattress, you can be sure these King Size mattresses offer plenty of room for a restful night's sleep to deliver those they support through the night in a rejuvenated state the following morning with their batteries recharged and a livelier spring in their step.

We all know the importance of a good night's sleep and the drop in our mood and performance that can be caused when out nights are disturbed or disrupted and this is why the purchase of the best mattress to ensure a peaceful and restoring sleep is an extremely worthwhile investment that will reward the owner for years to come.

However, the high quality and comfort of a King Size Pocket Sprung Mattress from Sloane & Sons does not mean its new owner will have to break the bank to achieve this level of luxury and support. Prices for mattresses in both the Knightsbridge and Mayfair Collections have been slashed to less than half price, saving their new owners hundreds of pounds when they decide to invest in years of undisturbed sleep for themselves and their families.