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Luxury Single Mattresses

When you slip into bed, you want to lie on a mattress so comfortable you'll barely know it's there. You know how different it makes you feel when you have a good night's sleep, so choosing a high quality single mattress is crucial for your health and well-being. Fortunately at Sloane & Sons, you can take advantage of outstanding value without any compromise on quality.

Simply offering a choice of six of the most comfortable single mattresses imaginable, we have made sure that choosing the perfect mattress doesn't give you nightmares.

You can choose between memory foam mattresses and pocket sprung mattresses, each of which will offer you the support and comfort you are looking for. We ought to warn you, though, that these will make your bed so comfortable, you may not want to get out...

The value of a good night’s sleep cannot be over-stressed and choosing a high-quality luxury mattress is the best way to ensure a better sleeping experience. Whether a choice is made from our Memory Foam or Pocket Sprung mattress ranges, you can be sure that you are choosing from the best.

Sloane and Sons offer a range of luxurious high quality single mattresses in both Memory Foam and Pocket Sprung construction. These fine mattresses are available through six collections. All single mattresses, whether Memory Foam or Pocket Sprung, are sized at 90 x 190cm. In Memory Foam thicknesses are 20cm for the Twickenham Collection, 24cm for Wimbledon and 28cm in the Richmond Collection. Single Pocket Sprung mattresses also come in three degrees of thickness: 20cm for the Chelsea Collection, 24cm in the Knightsbridge and 28cm in the Mayfair Collection.

Our Chelsea, Knightsbridge and Mayfair Pocket Sprung mattresses all use Memory Foam in their uppermost layers. There are no less than 1,200 individually pocketed springs in our sprung mattresses and Tencel fabric is used in all of them. The use of Tencel fabric improves durability, adds strength and reduces heat during warmer nights as well as offering a soft, smooth surface. The addition of aloe vera, a plant known for its numerous beneficial medical properties, adds further comfort and positive health features to our mattresses.

At Sloane and Sons we use only fine quality high density Memory Foam. This is the most sensitive to the temperature of your body, and will therefore most easily respond and adapt to the contours of your body as you rest on the mattress. It is the depth of this material that we use in our mattresses that give them their unique properties. The thickness of the Memory Foam varies across the collections, from 3cm in the Twickenham, 4cm in the Wimbledon to 5cm in Richmond. There are also levels of firmness in Memory Foam mattresses: for Wimbledon it is 8/10 (where 1 would be softest and 10 the most firm), for Richmond 7/10 and for Twickenham 9/10 making it the most firm.

Memory Foam owes its origins to research and development by NASA, starting in 1966, and it is the temperature-sensitive viscoelastic properties of the material that make it unique. This material responds to your body’s temperature, and the pressure it exerts, altering its density, making it softer in areas of greater heat. Your weight is evenly distributed across the area on which you are sleeping. When your weight is removed the Memory Foam returns to its original shape and density. This is helpful in pain relief, as areas of the body that experience pain are usually at a higher temperature than others. The Memory Foam in our mattresses will respond to this increased heat and can assist in pain relief. In addition they all contain hypo-allergenic and anti-microbial properties. This means that those who suffer from allergies such as hay fever will benefit from sleeping on one of our mattresses. Many hay fever sufferers are also very sensitive to dust. Although many prefer not to talk about dust mites living in mattresses, the simple fact is that they do, with the exception of our Memory Foam mattresses. Because of the way in which Memory Foam is manufactured, there is nowhere for dust mites to hide and lay eggs.

Delivery is the day after an order has been placed. When you take delivery of one of our mattresses, you will find that it has been very carefully packed in vacuum-sealed plastic as well as a sturdy box. This is to ensure that the utmost standards of hygiene are maintained during distribution and delivery and also to make transporting our mattresses to your beds easier. We recommend that you take it to the room in which it is to be used before you open the container. This will be much easier and less arduous than trying to move any of our mattresses once they have been unpacked. When you have removed the outer packaging you will be able to place your purchase on your bed and remove the sealed plastic packing; this will release your new mattress which will unroll and expand to its full size.