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Single Pocket Sprung Mattresses


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Single Pocket Sprung Mattresses

Single pocket sprung mattresses are the most frequently searched mattresses that are eventually purchased. These mattresses are well-structured and supportive, with all the individually pocketed springs allowing your body weight to be evenly distributed across the mattress, which reduces pressure on your body as you sleep.

The Tencel fabric covering of the single mattress provides a satisfyingly soft and smooth surface, together with the provision of strength and resilience for greater longevity.

Single pocket sprung mattresses are renowned for regulating body temperature while you sleep and this keeps you comfortable through the night. Temperature regulation and the way the individual springs allow the mattress to follow the natural shape of your body, this adds to the quality of your untroubled and soothing night's sleep.

It is said that a good night’s sleep is one of the key requirements for a productive day ahead. Now how about a great night’s sleep- wouldn’t that be something? The single sprung pocket spring mattresses from Sloane & Sons are designed in line with the latest technology to guarantee every user a comfortable and rejuvenating night’s sleep each and every time that they use them. In addition, these mattresses also represent the apex of luxury and ensure that you are able to sleep like a king each time you use them. It is therefore very little wonder why majority of our customers keep asking for this type of mattress whenever they shop here. By now you are probably wondering- what is it about the single pocket sprung mattress that makes it so special and so popular among buyers?

First of all, the single pocket sprung mattress is not, in any way, like a regular mattress. The mattress is designed to supports your body as comfortably a possible without losing any of its stiffness or making you feel like you are sleeping on the floor. The idea implemented in the design of the mattress is that only the parts of your body that are in actual contact with the mattress should compress the mattress.

Other parts of the mattress that are not directly in contact with your body need to retain their original firmness. So the overall result is that when you lie down to sleep on the mattress, it compresses in the areas you lie on and stays firm in other areas, thereby forming a comfortable cocoon in which you can comfortably enjoy your sleep. Besides the obvious comfort that this will afford, there is also an added advantage for anyone who intends to share the mattress with someone else.

The first parts of the mattress that are not in contact with your body form some sort of physical barrier that prevents the bodies of any two people sharing the mattress from coming into contact with each other while they are sleeping or unless they actually choose to do so. In implementing the ideas explained above, Sloane & Sons do not just put a bunch of springs in their mattress in the same way as other spring mattress manufacturers do.

The title single pocket sprung mattress literally explains the new design. In this design each individual spring is placed in its own fabric pocket before the whole set is sewn into the mattress. By separating all the springs, the manufacturers ensure that each one is able to act independently and that means that only the springs that come into contact with your body while you sleep will be compressed while the other springs will remain intact thereby ensuring that the other parts of the mattress stay firm. It is also important to note that only high quality springs that do not lose their elasticity over time are used in the single pocket sprung mattresses from Sloane & Sons and this ensures that the mattresses are able to last for almost twice as long as the other regular mattresses.

One of the key qualities of a good mattress is its ability to stay warm even during cold temperatures and to keep your body comfortably cooled during high temperatures. In order to be able to achieve this kind of balance the mattress needs to have some sort of temperature regulating mechanism. In the Single pocket sprung mattress this balance is achieved through the use of a special kind of fabric to cover the mattresses.

Tencel fabric is soft and smooth to the touch yet has the ability to detect the temperature of a human body in contact with it and then balance that with the temperature in the surrounding environment so as to guarantee a comfortable night’s sleep. In addition, the Tencel fabric is also very strong and resilient, a quality that guarantees the mattresses are able to last for much longer than regular mattresses. Most people who have bought or tried out this mattress all agree that it is perfectly suitable for both children, adults and the elderly generation who usually tend to have problems with most regular mattresses.