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Luxury Small Double Mattress

What you need from a luxury small double mattress is uncompromising comfort, and with Sloane & Sons' small double mattresses that is exactly what you get. It may be a small on size but it's big on luxury so you can enjoy the incredible relaxation that comes with every mattress.

Whether you have to get up for work or for the kids - or even if you're having a rare lazy day - a great sleep can make all the difference to your day. A high quality mattress is crucial for your health and well-being and at Sloane & Sons, you can take advantage of outstanding value without any compromise on quality.

By simply offering a choice of six of the most comfortable small double mattresses imaginable, we have made sure that choosing the perfect luxury small double mattress doesn't give you nightmares. You can choose between memory foam mattresses and pocket sprung mattresses, each of which will offer you the support and comfort you are looking for.

A normal human being spends roughly two thirds of the day awake and the other remaining third is spent sleeping. Going by this, it is therefore accurate to state that the bed is the single most used item of furniture within the home setting. And every good bed needs a mattress to go with it.

A good and comfortable mattress guarantees a good night’s sleep which, in turn, guarantees that you wake up feeling fresh and vibrant in the morning. A luxury mattress, on the other hand, lets you sleep like a king. Plus it has a number of additional health benefits for your body, helping in the relaxation of muscles well as your brain.Sloane & Sons is a company that understands the significance of having utmost comfort from your mattress and this is why we have grown to become one of the largest mattress retailers in the UK. All our mattresses are designed to give our customers ultimate comfort and luxury. Please with our wide range of mattresses we aim to give our customers a chance to choose from over six different types of luxury mattresses including the ones described below.

Memory foam is a special material that is made of a temperature-sensitive viscoelastic material. The sensitivity to temperature changes means that is melts when temperatures are raised and hardens or becomes firmer as the temperatures are lowered. This is the material that is used to top up our Sloane & Sons range of luxury memory foam mattresses. When you lie down to sleep on a memory foam mattress, the temperature of your body will usually be higher than that of the surroundings. That means that the memory form will melt and become softer at places that are in contact with your body while retaining its original firmness in the other areas. The overall result is that the mattress ‘moulds’ around your body forming a cozy hollow where you can enjoy greater comfort.

When choosing memory foam mattresses, it is good to know that the density of the memory foam is always an indication of its quality. Mattresses with higher density foam are firmer and are therefore more comfortable and more luxurious. On the flip side you will probably have to pay a little extra cash to buy the higher density memory foam mattresses than the lower density ones because of the additional luxury in the former. These are the kinds of memory foam mattresses that you can expect to get from us at Sloane & Sons.

Our range of pocket sprung bed mattresses is available in various sizes ranging from small mattresses to King sized mattresses. And they are all designed to offer you luxury that is fit for any king. The Sloane & Sons pocket sprung bed mattresses are not similar to regular spring mattresses. While regular spring mattresses are basically just a jumble of springs laid out on a sheet and covered, ours have something special.

Each mattress is made from individual, high quality springs each of which is enclosed within its own piece of fabric. This not only ensures that the springs in the mattress always stay upright but it also ensures that the mattress itself always stays firm. Only the springs that are in direct contact with parts of your body are compressed while the other springs retain their firm state. The result is that the parts of the mattress in contact with your body are depressed and the parts not in contact with your body remain upright thereby creating a comfortable hollow for you to sleep in.

It is also worth noting that the pocket sprung mattresses from Sloane & Sons are not just covered by regular materials like other mattresses. We use a special fabric known as Tencel to cover all of ours and this gives keeps them warm, dry and smelling sweet all the time.

Sloane & Sons offers free complimentary delivery of all mattress purchases to buyers within the UK. We use special packaging procedures, including vacuum packing before boxing, to make sure that our customers receive their mattresses in perfect condition. Our delivery teams also provide advice and physical help when actually unpacking the mattresses.