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Luxury Super King Size Mattresses

If you have the pleasure of a super king size bed then you need a mattress that makes the very best of it. Sleeping in a super king size bed should be a luxurious experience where you feel completely enveloped in comfort and soothed by serenity. Enjoy the space to stretch out, relax and find perfect calm in your bed by choosing a luxury super king size mattress whose velvety, supportive comfort soothes the troubles of the day away and enriches the pleasure of your sleep.

A great sleep carries significant benefits to both mind and body and can make all the difference to your day. A high quality mattress is crucial for your health and well-being and at Sloane & Sons, you can take advantage of outstanding value without any compromise on quality.

By simply offering a choice of six of the most comfortable mattresses imaginable, we have made sure that choosing the perfect luxury double mattress doesn't give you nightmares. You can choose between memory foam mattresses and pocket sprung mattresses, each of which will offer you the support and comfort you are looking for.

You’ll spend more than a third of your life in bed, so make every second of that time more enjoyable with the comfort and luxury of a Sloane & Sons super king size mattress. Why settle for the confines of a standard mattress when you can purchase a super king – offering plenty of extra space to really sleep how you want to. No longer will you have to compromise your limb position to accommodate your partner – Sloane & Sons super king size mattresses give the option of space and luxury at a fantastic price.

A good mattress should offer excellent support, subtle cushioning and a touch of opulence as well as value for money and that’s exactly what our range of mattresses will bring to your bedroom. While away those lazy mornings, settle down for a night of sturdy slumber or relax with your partner in the affordable quality for which Sloane & Sons is famed for – and our mattresses are strong enough to even withstand the bounciest of children in the morning.

Our top of the range super king mattresses are a standard 183cm by 200cm, offering almost 50cm more width than a standard double mattress. There are six different mattresses in our range, each exudes comfort, which we believe is a mandatory quality in choosing the perfect solution to your bedding needs. We stock three different memory foam mattresses, which are especially designed for people with knee, hip, shoulder or back problems. A shallow layer of foam will support your posture and spread your weight ensuring you’ll feel soft and relaxed from the second your body hits the inviting surface.

Feel divine as you recline on a Sloane & Sons memory foam mattress, which comes in three different depths, ranging from the Twickenham Collection at 20cm, the Wimbledon Collection at 24cm and our thickest mattress, the Richmond Collection at 28cm. These lovely mattresses are topped with between 3cm and 5cm of premium quality memory foam – a soft and luxurious layer of ingenuity which compliments your body shape as you begin to drift off – yet it will reshape back to normal when you get up.

All Sloane & Sons memory foam mattresses give good orthopedic spinal support. The space-age technology of memory foam has hypo-allergenic and anti-microbial properties which stops the growth of microorganisms. Plus, not only does it offer a great night’s sleep, it’s also ideal for people experiencing joint pain. Our memory foam mattresses are also enhanced with the natural rejuvenating and healing properties of aloe vera which will add yet further quality to your sleep.

Sloane & Sons offer three beautifully-made pocket sprung mattresses. Pocket sprung mattresses contain springs which are able to move independently in individual pockets rather than being directly attached, allowing for a greater level of comfort than a standard mattress. The springs will gently push back against your body offering a level of firm resistance, ensuring your body posture remains perfectly aligned throughout the night.

The springs will remain firm and cushioning for many years leading to night after night of ultimate comfort and support. The pocket sprung mattresses start with the 20cm depth of the Chelsea Collection. For more depth, the Knightsbridge Collection is 24cm deep and our thickets pocket sprung mattress, the Mayfair Collection is 28cm in depth The pocket spring mattresses are made from super cooling Tencel which cuts back on heat build up through the night, leaving your sleep luxuriously cool and natural. This also helps to reduce perspiration.

All our mattresses come with a five-year guarantee, giving you more than 1,600 stress free nights and are based on our core values of affordability, quality and comfort. Choosing a mattress can be a difficult task, but we believe in offering a simple solution to your bedding needs – and with more than 25 years of delivering mattresses all over the country, there’s no reason not to choose Sloane & Sons. So, forget the rest, book the best and remember your rest.